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— Welcome —

Thank you for choosing to spend a few of your special moments  with me in this space.

Over the last few  years I have been an independent Event, Editorial and PR photographer based in the NYC Tristate area.

Operating mostly with my  Canon  at my side, I have had  the honor of

documenting various special moments and events  in the lives

of many in the Western Hemisphere and some in the Eastern.

This plog marks my official reentry/entry into, what I consider,  the world of contemporary visual and photographic activity e.g.

utilizing the dynamic WWW to share my images/thoughts and generally interact with the world.

The major purpose for this plog will be to  provide you with a variety of imagery, with constantly updated contemporary content that

will keep you visually informed along with historical ” blasts from the past” from the last 30 years

which you cannot  find anywhere else on the 3W.

You are always welcome here,

So, maybe you can grab a healthy bite, sit back and get a  larger

look at  what you won’t find in your dailies, weeklies and even monthly magazines.

You will be visually edified, with a unique window into the vibrant landscape and changes

that make up  life around the TriState and the some other parts of the African Diaspora.

 This along with a variety of photo related links and information should

make for an interesting and

mostly soothing if not edutaining experience.

And please, if possible, don’t forget to leave me some feedback that will help in improving your experience

THANKS  for reaching out to find out more about what’s going on around these parts of the 3W


Remember      Rethink       Reuse       Recycle


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